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Time to Try Something New

I read a lot of other programming blogs. After all, gathering information from multiple sources is a great way to get a rounded education. Every so often, the author of a blog gets a new job and writes a blog post about the transition to the new job and rationalization of leaving the current job. I’m certainly not against such posts (I definitely read them) but I must admit that I don’t feel that they actually contribute anything useful to anybody other than the author. I believe that each person is unique, and their career is a personal, private, proud, unique part of them. People typically do things and make decisions during their career to further themselves. Some of these actions and decisions end up being good and others bad. However, regardless of outcome, the decision or action is made for reasons that are entirely the person’s own and relative to their unique circumstance. What motivates person A to work at company X won’t motivate person B and so forth.

So while I enjoy reading posts that explain how the author feels that they’ve been at their job for too long, or they aren’t yet on the latest .NET framework and are falling behind, or they feel that getting into a new industry or vertical is a good idea, the reality is that these reasons are them rationalizing the decision to themselves. The post as a result is self-serving… As is mine that you’re reading now.

In light of this mindset, I will keep the actual announcement part of my “new job” post short and sweet.

While I had a great time working with Fanatics and helping them grow from a brick-and-mortar sports store to the e-commerce platform that hosts such juggernauts as the official NFL, NBA, NASCAR, MLB, NHL, and ESPN stores, it is time for me to move on and do something new. As of Monday, September 30th I’ll be working at iMobile3 – a mobile application and wallet/payment service company based out of Jacksonville. I am extremely excited to be able to contribute to such an interesting product and to have the opportunity to have a direct impact on the company’s future successes and growth.

Here comes the next adventure; a new experience and opportunity. I’m very excited.